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She later came to the US with one of her older brothers, if anyone know's of this Jacob Germann please contact me. January 2014 -0800wir alle suchen hier sehnschtig nach unseren Vorfahren und Nachkommen... Meine lieben Ahnen, ich hoffe ihr habt wenigstens jetzt, endlich euer Frieden gefunden. Michael Christof OO Maria Kuczitz und Sohn Johann Christof *1801 Paltinossa 2. Dominikus Simok *1768 OO Susanna Sztrelitz *1775 Smolnik und Tochter Franziska Simok *1810 4. und Tochter Anna Maria Peschel *1806 Luisenthal 5. November 2013 -0800I'm looking for family and information of Frank Joseph Kuffner born in Arbora, Bukovina in 1903. October 2013 -0800My spouses grand father " Formos " vame from Rarancea Bukovinia, Looking for connections to Formos and Rarancea. I have a letter written by George's mentor in the machinist trade from the village of Alt-Zuczka bei Czernowitz in Bukowina. I wonder if anyone in the Bukowina Society can help me trace George or Mr. --Bruce Harshberger, Loveland, [email protected], 06. January 2014 -0800Hi, in searching my Mock/Ast/Aust relatives, I find that my Aunt Adaminda Mock married a Jacob Germann, I know nothing of the Germann family, anyway she married him in Tereblestie, Bucovina Austria in 1906, he died? CHRISTOF at t-online.de79.211.241.248Wednesday, 01. January 2014 -0800Ich bin auf der Suche nach den Lebensdaten und Vorfahren von: 1. Johann Heiser OO Marianna Galuka *1784 Luisenthal und Tochter Marianna Heiser *1807 3. My grandfather Michael Klein emigrated in 1900 alone to Canada in the area of Regina / Saskatchewan. Is there anyone who has information about my grandparents. Geo K Hallo, ich bin auf der Suche nach Informationen ber meine Groeltern Klein Michael und Klein Apollonia, geb. Mein Grovater Michael ist um 1900 alleine nach Canada, in die Gegend von Regina/Saskatchewan ausgewandert. Vielen Dank Peter Sandro Klemensstrae 18 45711 Datteln Tel.: 02363-54849 Mobil.: 0171 44 70 650 E-Mail.: [email protected] @ sasktel.net2.199Tuesday, 12.- Meine Vorfahren waren aus Worms und Mainz, sie wanderten wohl im 17. cu stimă, Marcel [email protected], 02. March 2014 -0800sunt din Stulpicani, Bucovina, fostul județ Cmpulung și ncerc să dau de urmele străbunicului meu Mihai Flocea a lui Gavril Iosub, emigrat n Canada n 1912 cu mai mulți stulpicăneni și apoi n SUA- Michigan unde a și murit după 1932. Celelalte date le știu de la tatăl meu, nepotul lui. Ich suche fur information an meiner Mutters seite die Oberlander Familie. Ich wohne in american und habe kein gluck in meiner suche. February 2014 -0800my name is willianm eluk , my father was michael eluk born1878 in Austria . I am able to track down Jakob Ollinger, born 1793 in Sereth Bukovina, married Anna Falkauer (b. If anyone has more information, please let me know. Ich suche Informationen ber die Herkunft der Urgrosseltern: Johann Haidu geb. und deutscher Abstammung (auch Haidu Familie) WER WAREN DIE ELTERN VON JOHANN HAIDU, woher kamen sie? er ist dann nach Bessarbien ausgewandert.natuhr @ gmx.de93.203.213.233Thursday, 11. Nachdem leider alle anderen direkten Verwandten verstorben sind, gibt es vielleicht hier jemanden, der zu den beiden was berichten kann? His mother Feiga Birnberg came from Iacobeni and his father Yacov Mendelsohn was born in Falticeni Do these names sound familiar to anyone? Vegebens habe ich versucht ihr eine Nachricht zu senden, mglicherweise stimmt ihre E-Mail Adresse nicht mehr. All those people are my relates and they lived in Bukovina (Bulai vilage)in XIX & XX century. July 2014 -0700I had a grandfather and grandmother from this country Edward and Emily Wolanski that left when he was 18 i think and my grandma was 9 when they came to Canada settled in Vita mb. Daniel LASZLO and ANNA immigrated to Arbury Canada April 3, 1907. Vielleicht gibt es jemand der die hier genannten Personen kannte? Sarah Jane on 18 November 2008, a search found it seeks information on the Mix family. I would appreciate for any information: [email protected]@hotmail.com67.2Monday, 16.a small farming town they lived there all there lives raised 5 children and then grandma passed when i was 2 and grandpa later in the 80s buried out in vita at the roman catholic church with hes parents and her parents buried there to we have a lot of aunt's and uncles buried there to . They came with Anna's daughter Regina and Anna gave birth to a son May 1907 on Canadian soil. Anyone having information on this family will be wonderful. Vegebens I have you try to send a message, you may no longer correct e-mail address. September 2013 -0700Hello My name is Perry Hubick I live in saskatoon saskatchewan canada.May 2013 -0700Hello looking for info on my grandfather Simeon or Samuel Landega from Vickno Bukovina born march 19,1907.Any info would be greatly appreciated Address was 441 City Vickno Bokovena, Okna Romania Zastavna District Chernivtsi Region.

Please contact me at; Gratia Hillier 60 Seedhouse Lane, Georgetown, Ontario. Wie gelangt man an eine einmalige Einjahresmitgliedschsft als Zugang zur privaten Genealogischen Datenbank? I think it s a good idea, if somebody knows and knowledgeable about the story of his (her) families. The address was [email protected] someone is who can help, I would be very happy. Maschinelle bersetzungapeacosh @ gmail.com99.199.9.161Saturday, 29. March 2014 -0800I am Andrew Peacosh, from British Columbia, Canada. My great grandparents immigrated to canada from Bukovina.

The oldest ancestors that I was able to find are: Vitus Vendelin Biermayer 1766-1848, Katherina Schelesny 1767-1843, and Theresia Niebauer 1784-1860. If there is anyone who has the last name of Bota sand lives in that area please write me. Thank you Jim Bota [email protected]@ Alberta [email protected], 03. All the passenger list says is that they were Galician. May 2013 -0700Hello looking for info on my grandfather Simeon or Samuel Landega from Vickno Bukovina born march 19,1907.

The info is from a book written during WWII to identify ancestry required by the Nazi government. June 2013 -0700Hallo, ich bin sehr interessiert an der Seite. Meine Mutti ist in Althtte geboren, Stefanie Zawichowski, Tochter von Johann Zawichowski und Marie, geborene Wawrik. Monika [email protected], 28. His estimated year of birth is 1880, so his father may have been born approx 20 years earlier. Any info would be greatly appreciated Address was 441 City Vickno Bokovena, Okna Romania Zastavna District Chernivtsi Region.

While my mother is of German decent (Brand), I was researching my wife's Buirkle ancestry and it is clear the surname has changed spelling over the years but that her family was from Wurtenheim-Baden area of Germany.

Thanks [email protected], 15. January 2014 -0800I found the history of Bukovina Genealogy fascinating.

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