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This often leads to problems such as not being able to select the correct input, or recordings not being made correctly.These must be replaced with drivers made by the manufacturer of your hardware, so they are correctly matched to that hardware.

In all other cases where you use the motherboard's integrated sound device, it's almost always best to visit the website of the motherboard manufacturer for assistance. If you don't have details to hand, try the following free utilities to gather relevant information: Always look for a driver update which is specific to your computer model and version of Windows (for example, Windows 10).

If the driver provider is Microsoft, note the name of the sound device you right-clicked over.

Then visit the website of the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer.

If you have now got updated non-Microsoft drivers, try them and see if your recording problem is cured.

If the recording problem persists, note the name of the Driver Provider in Device Manager.

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