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And the reason for giving more context is because people who are unfamiliar with Korea overuse Confucianism to explain everything about Korean culture.Sometimes it works, sometimes it is misleading, and sometimes it is laughably ignorant.There is a great deal of truth in this, and an excellent illustration of this truth is actually a Hollywood movie -- Cast Away.

But they still generally subscribe to individualism, which is a Christianity-styled thought.

"Mandate of heaven" is a Confucian concept under which the ruler may proclaim his legitimacy, and natural disasters in the past were considered to be signs of the presence and departure of the mandate of heaven.

While he is no expert on China, the Korean would daresay that few in modern China have thought about natural disasters in those terms in the last few decades.

Buddhism and Taoism -- as well as Korea's traditional Shamanistic philosophy play a large role in guiding Korean minds.

Christianity has been around Korea for 200 years also.

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