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This station marked the beginning of their new lives in Cobalt for those who came to Cobalt seeking their fortune, and is a fitting starting point for those visiting Cobalt today.

The Bunker Military Museum is also located in the Cobalt Train Station.

To get there from large centres to the south, such as Toronto or Ottawa, take the Trans Canada to North Bay. Along the drive you will pass through miles of beautiful northern Ontario scenery of forests and lakes, including those in the area around Temagami.

You will also see at several places along the drive the tracks of the Ontario Northland Railway the same route that took the early miners and their families to Cobalt.

Headframes came first, and the roads and houses were placed almost as an afterthought.The museum, the largest of its kind in northern Ontario, contains artefacts from the Boer War to the present day.The museum also has a library with over 2000 books and articles.The museum looks small from the outside, but its 7 galleries contain many artefacts and photos that tell the history of Cobalt, from mining, to fires, to the unique people and events that help make the town special.The first gallery contains many spectacular samples of ore from the Cobalt silver mines, and the museum boasts the worlds largest display of silver only appropriate for the Silver Capital of Canada!

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Just past the Cobalt Mining Museum the road turns to the right again, the visitor by now realizing why Highway 11 has long since bypassed Cobalt the twists and turns of Cobalt would be a great challenge for the many transport trucks using the highway.

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