Non jewish woman dating jewish man

There are a number of circumstances, under which the prohibition of yichud may be circumvented.

Typically, these apply fully to yichud with an observant Jew.

So does rabbi Moshe Feinstein, who consequently rules in a stricter way.

Talmud also claims that after the rape of Tamar, daughter of David, when she was left alone with her half-brother Amnon, David and his high court extended this prohibition to unmarried girls as well.Rashi believes that the husband’s presence in town only mitigates the prohibition, rather than abrogating it.The Shulchan Aruch, following Tosafot, however, rule that when the husband is in town the Yichud restriction does not apply at all.the door is locked, but there is a reasonable possibility that people may knock on the door and expect to be answered (according to Moshe Feinstein).A woman being secluded with another man is also justified when people outside can see through the window what is going on inside the house.

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