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Marvel, Harry Potter, Naruto, Danny Phantom, Marvel, Ranma, DC Superheroes, Spider-Man, X-overs, X-Men, Overlord, Incredible Hulk, Power Girl, Justice League, Green Lantern, Ben 10, and X-Men: Evolution. Offered the chance to step away from the war and learn about the magic of Tir Nan Og, Hermione grabs it. Main characters include Weasleys, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Harry and Clint. Her family members with the gift attend a school called Hogwarts. All we really have is our choices, their consequences, and those that stand by us. Now with the dangers of the Mandarin will Tony be able to protect the ones he loves? The resting place of stories that started out strong before the muse that was driving them took off for parts unknown.

She learns about more than just magic; along the way, she's forced to examine the true nature of knowledge, friendship, courage, and even herself. What if they were invited to the Tri-Wizard Tournament? Pinkie will rediscover her forgotten past and maybe regain something truly lost. Will Adrian be able to face her most terrifying situation yet? All of these are up for adoption, if they appeal to you, and you think you can make them work, have at it.

After the Kyuubi attack, three children under the last the watch of the last clan head of the Phantom Clan came to the village. Now Peter finds himself imbued with the power of the Phoenix and has no idea what to do now. Now, the Goblet of Fire has summoned him from where he was. An intelligent, well-trained Boy Who Lived comes to Hogwarts and Albus Dumbledore is thrown for a loop. Ranma refuses to abandon Ukyo when they are six, and they grow up as brother and sister.

Does he give into the dark urges it brings out or does he try to use this great power responsibly? Older than he should be, and not amused that he was taken from his wife, he will do what he has to do in order to get home. Watch as Harry figures out his destiny as a large threat looms over the horizon, unknown to the unsuspecting magical population. They arrive at the Tendo Dojo with an unusual shared curse. Working at his uncle's orphanage, taking care of the kids, and so on.

Expect a long story with some extra faces along the way.(Spider-Man Crossover) While being created, part of the Noumu formula is used on a spider and "kills" it.

He is sent to live with the horrible Dursleys, who later ditches him in New York, where he meets a strange bald man in a wheel chair who takes him to a school. A curious Harry sneaks his cousin's discarded gaming equipment into his cupboard and promptly falls in love with the world inside Sword Art Online the first time he logs into the game. The court rules that he is to be banished from the universe due to his alleged crime.Unfortunately, Voldemort spent his year's sabbatical uncovering secrets that she would have preferred him never learn. Elsewhere in the universe, the fledgling UNSC has barely recovered from the Human-Covenant war, and after the disappearance of a prowler, they assemble a task force to investigate...Harry Potter is awakened from deep sleep millennia after he secludes himself in isolation. After all, he still has his family he was raised with, and the family he was born to in his life. Now, after receiving a strange cry for help, he became one of Earth's mightiest heroes! HP x Frozen Danny Fenton was just a normal kid before the lab accident.

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  2. Dating sims such as Tokimeki Memorial often revolve almost entirely around relationship-building, usually featuring complex character interactions and branching dialogue trees, and often presenting the player's possible responses word-for-word as the player character would say them.