Irish travelers dating rituals

O’Connell Street, on the north side of Dublin, can be great during the day but I would not walk there by myself at night.

Temple Bar is always a safe area to be as it is very touristy and commercial.

Whilst Americans are happy to approach a stranger and ask them out for coffee, Irish people would rather gnaw their own arm off than do the same thing.

Feminine Hygienic Products Kiera says: Feminine hygienic products are readily available.

Clothing Kiera says: Women generally wear tights with their skirts and shorts. While some do wear dresses, skirts and shorts with their legs showing, it is more common to see Irish women wearing them with tights.

It rains all year round so it is good to have a rain jacket.

I have never had any issues with safety on any of these.

Shady Areas for Women Kiera says: There are parts of Dublin women should definitely avoid.

The Irish, both male and female, are very friendly and will talk to you while in line at the store and and in public places. For the most part though people say “Oh, okay cool,” and they continue the conversation.

However, this forwardness I have noticed really only occurs in settings where alcohol is consumed. Many will ask you within several minutes of conversation to go home with them and it can be a little startling.

However, the good news is that you can tell who these guys are. Kiera says: As far as I can tell, women have the same position as men in society.

That’s not to say there aren’t any Irish guys looking to go out on dates, but its really rare for people my age. My Irish female friends have told me it is commonplace for the guy to text first and that women should not be the first one to initiate contact if you get someone’s number.

Also, men may not necessarily pay for your meal right away.

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