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v. - Skin support is back; - Fixed an issue with world map caching (delete the en_file if the problem persists - it will be re-created automatically); - Fixed an issue with incorrect total filter limit; - Fixed tooltips for presents; - Added a single message smilies limit; - Fixed an issue with 'Create Alliance' button; - Changed the font size in chat area; - Fixed a few issues with hotkeys setup; v. - Fixed an issue with user list sort criteria in the big chat window; - Fixed an issue in Spell window; - Corrected transliteration supprot; - Changed the full filter behavior: you will now need to impose a limit on incoming chat messages you want to have processed in a 2-second time frame, all the other messages will be logged but not processed/displayed.

v - Fixed some issues with inactive mode; - Fixed issues with tooltips of essences; - Fixed Home macro error which occured after attempting to reconnect; - Revamped the procedures that handle item display in shops and private shops; - Added ability to set up things the private shop will buy from players; - Added a filter for completed quests; - Double-clicking the vendor NPC will open up the respective location window (as if you pressed Enter); - A myriad of bug fixes.

Next revision will contain: - Updated map; - Updated element list.

v - Added 'Hide EQ' button to command panel; - System messages will not be filtered out by Total Filter; - Client has been yet again optimized for large battles; - Fixed chat text selection; - Fixed an issue with copying and pasting smilies; - Added support for animated smilies; - Clicking a clan icon will attempt to open clan homepage; - Fixed a vulnerability in chat abuse report system; - Moderators will now receive information about the type message of the message that has been reported; - Added color codes to the Effects window; - Fixed some issues with sound system; - Improved sound settings; - Party settings window has been changed; - Added ability to switch party leader without disbanding party; - Client will now remember all entered character names (they are saved to in application folder); - Fixed an issue with not being able to move when Quest window is open; - Added ability to abandon quests; - Added a digit group separator for shop prices; - The 'afflicted' icon will change color if the character is affected by Sanctuary; - Player list window has been redone; - Added 'Optimization' options to Options menu; - There are some new filter options available; - Added 'Dynamic chat' option to optimization options; - Added ability to toggle image download; - Trade chat has been united with general chat; - Added alliance chat; - Added filters to chat window; - The key combo to send the message to clan chat has been changed to key combo, which sends messages to trade chat; - Added auto_drink_hp and auto_drink_mp features to command panel; - Added ability to send multiple lines of GRA messages; - Added hotkeys for Tranquilizers (default J) and Antidotes (default K); - Added 'Exit game' confirmation window.

v. - Revamped tray icon code; - Ability to change tray icon gfx has been removed temporarily; - Added some special effects to the character paperdoll; - Added trade chat channel (it's being broadcast to all characters ingame, the general char is not visible in the trade chat channel); - Added Security Code support; - Added Mentor System support.

v. - Fixed an issue with connection window remaining on screen; - Full-fledged skins support (Skin Editor is getting released soon); - Added auto-selection of characters offering a trade; - Ability to flag some of the windows as 'Alway on Top' (these include: button panel, spells, affects, player list, inventory quick-access panel).

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