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In the early 1980’s I joined a Full Size Chevrolet Club being the proud owner of a 1966 Impala Super Sport since I was 18 years old.I enjoyed researching the documentation aspect of the hobby and read everything I could get my hands on relating to this subject.The blanks we have created for each year and model is 100% accurate and the only correct blanks that can be found short of NOS.Most recently due to great demand, we have reproduced the correct blanks for Canadian built and Canadian sold models.We now are offering Chevrolet Truck window stickers for 1960-1972 Trucks and possibly later (for the same price).If you are interested in a Chevrolet Truck window sticker, please e-mail us at: [email protected] all your personal information along with a picture of your SPID (Service Parts Identification) label and any other pertinent information you can provide including Dealer information if available.We then began researching additional years, 1960 through 1970.

The Tank Stickers will be aged to period and will include perforations on all four sides as original.Upon reviewing the available blanks being sold by most retailers we found that every single blank being sold is incorrect to some extent, some more than others.Upon further review we found the text and verbiage on the blanks more often incorrect than correct and at this point decided to create our own.As time went on the Window Sticker became a valuable and essential item to every car enthusiast along with the litany of additional documentation originally provided for each vehicle.Window Stickers and other documentation have become a “staple” at car shows that provide detailed information respective to the car being shown including; Dealer to whom sold, dealer code and zone number, plant assembled, model, VIN, original options, descriptions, prices and other pertinent information regarding our prized possessions.

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