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Sundown Salon gatherings occurred on periodic Sunday afternoons from 2001-2006 in the geodesic dome on Sundown Drive, galvanizing an extended community of friends, collaborators and peers from Los Angeles and beyond through events, happenings, gatherings, meetings, pageantry, performances, shows, stunts and spectacles.

In 2009 “Salon Colada: Miami” is presented by MOCA Miami and “The Sundown Salon Unfolding Archive” (Evil Twin Publications) is released, documenting the series of events with photos and stories contributed by hundreds of the artists who participated.

A one on one committed relationship with one great guy is what my eventual goal is, I just don't see the need to live together or be married. Not that there's anything wrong with it but I personally like my partner to come with a built-on stickshift. PS - some women do like poker and whiskey and some men like chick flicks and dancing Sounds like OP and I are on the same page/pod? naaa couldn't be frustrated with growing old alone liking their own company and hence changed their outlook from "long term" to friends/dating..end up learning golf I guess as always it would depend on the individuals involved..

Men & women were originally created to be with each other. Personally myself, I would love to be living with a woman under the right circumstances for each of us..

With its purchase by artist Fritz Haeg in November 2014, Salmon Creek Farm continues as a place to take a step back from contemporary urban society and A series of related projects – dating back to his early architecture work – span a wide range of sizes and durations include designs for buildings, temporary encampments, scores for processions, knitted wearable sculptures and native landscape restorations.

Recent examples include the Bernardi Residence in the Silver Lake hills of Los Angeles featured in the New York Times; the gallery design for peres projects in Los Angeles’ Chinatown; the score for the East Meets West Interchange Overpass Parade (2008), commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art; a ground floor installation (2011), a series of fabrications of recycled materials in Den Haag commissioned by Stroom; The Princeton Student Colony (2012); The Everton Park Foraging Spiral and Basecamp commissioned for the 2012 Liverpool Biennial; the Foraging Circle,(2013) a permanent Minneapolis Sculpture Garden/Walker Art Center installation; the native wildflower sowing initiative, Wildflowering L. (2013-14); and in 2014 a new series of cape/caftan/Parangolés/scarf/shawl/vestment/wrap knitted wearable sculptures.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Maybe women and men should look for others of their own gender to make a happy contented home with? Men need their guy friends as women need their gal friends, I think. to be "out there" in the open space, shooting things, grunting, if anything having a monosyllabical conversation with another dude who "gets it" and feels nothing either! I don't really like sharing my bed though, but I guess I have to get over that.

(just examples)And men who like to play poker and drink whiskey in the evenings, wouldn’t that work out better for you? There would still be couples or those who matched up, temporarily or otherwise, but just not living together. not that I watch much, but I'm sure there must have been many with same gender couples cohabitating...issues of being human will eventually lead some form of antagonism when there is long term exposure between people, usually the accumulation of petty stuff IMO relationship boils down to the basic values kept by both including acceptance of whatever differences there are and yes, there too must be some mutual interest/benefit for both wanting to work it. I think the biggest challenge for me would be letting go of wanting to have things done my way.know, nit picking on how things are cooked or put away or cleaned and so on... Although I do feel that the two people, whether room mates or a couple, need to have their own space and interests.

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He has variously taught in architecture, design, and fine art programs at Princeton University, California Institute of the Arts, Art Center College of Design, Parsons School of Design, the University of Southern California, and Wayne State University in Detroit as the Elaine L. Haeg has produced and exhibited projects at the Walker Art Center; the Whitney Museum of American Art; the Guggenheim Museum; the Museum of Modern Art; Tate Modern; the Hayward Gallery; Arup Phase 2, London; the Liverpool Biennial; Casco Office of Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht; Stroom, Den Haag; the Netherlands Architecture Institute; Pollinaria, Abruzzo; Blood Mountain Foundation, Budapest; SALT Beyoğlu, Istanbul; the Israeli Center for Digital Arts; Mass Mo CA; the de Cordova Museum and Sculpture Park; the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT; The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum; the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; The Indianapolis Museum of Art; the Broad Art Museum, East Lansing; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the Wattis Institute, San Francisco; the Berkeley Art Museum; the Hammer Museum; the MAK Center, Los Angeles among other institutions.

His work has been published internationally, including profiles and features in The New York Times, Financial Times, Frieze, Artforum, The Independent, Dwell, Men’s Vogue, BBC, NPR, ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and The Martha Stewart Show.

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