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The customer only needs to log into the company’s website, choose the coverage, calculate the relevant premium and provide his details.The premium will be determined using the filled details.Life is uncertain and everybody faces the risk of untimely death.On the death of a family member, the family suffers both emotional and financial loss.HDFC Life CSC Suraksha is another HDFC life term plan.The plan focuses on rural areas to facilitate inclusion of the non-urban population into mainstream insurance and gives them the benefit of a life insurance policy.

With a wide range of products, the company strives to meet every individual’s insurance related requirement at a single source.HDFC Life CSC Suraksha is being offered in a public private partnership framework between HDFC Standard Life and the Government of India.This HDFC life term plan is simple, low cost and easy to understand making it appropriate for first time life insurance customers.A high coverage ensures that the family is properly taken care of in the absence of the bread-winner without any financial hiccups.Most of the term plans in the market come with various payment options such as lumpsum, annuity or a combination of both.

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