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The only client requirements relate to the actual BIOS update file. If you are ready to get your BIOS updates under control, keep reading! In the past, we’ve covered creating a central Group Policy store and a central hardware/drive store. Before getting started, you will need a list of every model that you support.

Create a new folder named BIOS Updates (or something similar).

APRs covering previous reporting periods (years before the previous calendar year) must be submitted using the paper APR Form. Review all the information on the “Facility Information” for accuracy.

Once you have created a STEERS account and/or registered the facility's P2 ID: 1. Select Pollution Prevention Planning (P2PLAN) from the “Reporting Program Area” drop-down menu. This is all information stored in TCEQ Central Registry.

Please see the "Paper APR Submission" section of this page.

To create a new account, click on the "to create a new account" link located under the "I need:" section of the STEERS page.

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