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I put it together myself simply as a way of getting my abstract paintings online, and it is still work in progress.

I knew nothing at all about website design or promotion when I started, and if I’d known how much there was to not know, I might not have started!

To this end I have created pages where you can browse a range of top quality prints and books by some of my favourite abstract artists.

We can’t all have an original Rothko or Picasso on wall, but there are some fabulous reproductions available.

A certificate of authenticity accompanies each reproduction.

Abstract Art Home Online Art Gallery Gallery Page 2 Gallery Page 3 About The Artist Sales Information Susana Garza Abstract Art About Susana Garza How To Buy Susana Garza Art How To Sell Art Modern Art Prints Art Books Modern Art Movements Modern Art Funny Stuff Welcome to my website.

Designing and promoting a site to rank high in search engines is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and without it your website may as well not exist.

Sites need to be designed to please search engines, otherwise no-one can find them.While I have tried to price the works reasonably, I am happy to negotiate on prices, if you look at the enlarged image of each abstract painting in the gallery pages you will see that there is a facility on there to make an offer.If you would like to ask any questions or require further information on the paintings in the Online Art Gallery, or if you wish to make a comment regarding the website, please go to the Contact page I studied painting for four years and graduated in Fine Art in 1987.Printed one image at a time on heavy fine art paper, the gicle (1800 dots per inch) is the highest quality reproduction available to the artist today.Every offset lithograph and gicle are hand numbered, signed and titled by the artist.

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